Hi, I'm Victor Oleinikov...

I was most recently working at Walmart Labs
as a Software Engineering Manager on the Item Setup team.

When I'm doing application development, I mostly use Rails and React. When I'm doing backend data processing and API development, I mostly use GoLang. I serve my software with Nginx and set things up with Chef. When I'm not coding, I'm playing basketball, bowling, gaming, hanging out with my guinea pigs, or watching Pixar movies.

Here's what I've done so far.

Walmart Labs

Summer 2013 - April 2021
Staff Software Engineer/Software Engineering Manager

Manageed a team of 10 building React applications used by Walmart buyers and their external suppliers to set up and maintain items on Walmart.com and in Walmart stores. Worked as an Individual Contributor on Javascript frontends, Ruby on Rails applications and Golang APIs used to price and manage millions of items on Walmart.com. The great thing about this position was the diversity of experiences. As a manager, I had experience leading a small team of 3 working on an application relatively indipendently and later a larger team of 10 building the frontend experience on top of a complex data pipeline and collaborating with a dozen other groups. As an IC, I got to work at all levels of the stack. I've done dev ops work to set up application and API servers. I've designed and written significant parts of applications in Ruby and Javascript. To help scale one of our systems, I wrote some microservices in Go. The environment often combined the technological freedom of a startup with the impact and responsibility that comes with writing critical components for the #1 ranked company in the Fortune 500.


2010 - 2016

Created and sold tennis court and lesson scheduling SaaS application to tennis clubs in the US. Aside from helping manage the Cake PHP application itself, I worked on our sales and marketing -- designing our website, running Adwords campaigns, and developing a direct sales pipeline. It was a great first experience learning what it is like to create and run a small software business, serve customers, and sell to new prospective clients.


Spring 2013
Lead Developer

Worked with a team from Harvard Business School to create a web-based point of sale system for dry cleaning businesses optimized to be accessed via web on an iPad. The system is still being used as the main POS at a number of small dry cleaning shops in Cambridge, MA. The Harvard team came up with business strategy and organized the project while I did everything on the technology side. A great experience learning how to build a solution completely from the ground up but robust enough to be used reliably for business-critical functions.


2011 - 2012
Project Manager

In a bit of a dual role as both a project and account manager, I worked with clients and our development team to provide payment solutions for gaming companies in the US market. Working as part of the small US subsidiary of a larger German organization provided both my first startup experience and my first experience working with teammates across the globe.

University of Washington

2005 - 2010
BA Management Information Systems. BA Film Studies.

My time at the University of Washington provided amazing opportunites to grow and expand as an individual. I pursued a double degree - a main one, in Management Information Systems from the UW's Foster School of Business and a smaller degree in Film Studies from the UW College of Arts and Sciences. The MIS degree provided a balanced combination of business and technical courses, while my liberal arts degree gave me opportunites to practice critical thinking as well as written and verbal communication. Outside of school, I was an avid participant in intramural sports, Greek life (Delta Chi), and a number of local film productions.

My Toolbox

These aren't the only tools I use, but they are the ones I can't live without right now.

App Development

Ruby on Rails

Tried and true. Efficient, clean, and fun!

Operating System


Open source, with a flavor for almost every need. My prefered distros are Ubuntu and RHEL.

API Development


Blazing fast, supported and developed by the brilliant minds at google. What's not to like?

Version Control


Pretty much industry standard at this point, still a delightful program.

FrontEnd Development


Lightweight, with a codebase you can read and learn in less than a day, this is my current, preferred javascritp MVC framework.

Web Server


Extremely fast, easily-configurable server with fantastic documentation and community support.